Saucony Мужские Зелёные Кроссовки Dxn S70124-52

Trainers by Saucony, Верх из ткани, Вставки из замши, Шнуровка спереди, Толстая подошва контрастного цвета, Обрабатывать средством по уходу за кожей, Верх: 50% замша, 50% ткань, Код товара от поставщика: S70124-52. О БРЕНДЕ SAUCONY Founded in Pennsylvania in 1898, specialist label Saucony designs award-winning, high performance running shoes, renowned for their superb quality, technical leadership and cutting-edge design details. One of the early pioneers of the triathlon, a passion for running is at the core of this heritage brand, and all products are tested and reviewed by Saucony's own designers.

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