Ellesse Синяя Куртка-Пилот Italia

Bomber Jacket by Ellesse, Гладкая ткань, Бейсбольный воротник, Фирменный логотип, Застежка на молнию, Боковые карманы, Манжеты и нижняя кромка в рубчик, Классический крой, точное соответствие размеру, Машинная стирка, 100% полиэстер, Размер на модели: Medium, рост модели 2 см. ОБ ELLESSE When Leonardo Servadio couldn't find what he wanted to wear on the slopes, he made it. Channelling his charismatic personality and tailoring skills into his first streetwear collection, the Italian label Ellesse - named after his initials L S, obviously - was born in 1959. Now, sweatpants, track jackets and T-shirts are all stamped with the iconic Ellesse logo.

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