Мужская Синяя Рубашка Из Ткани Пике На Пуговицах Selected Homme

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Shirt by Selected Homme, Фактурный хлопок пике, Заостренный воротник, Планка на пуговицах, Классический крой, точное соответствие размеру, Машинная стирка, 100% хлопок, Размер на модели: Medium, рост модели 189 см. О SELECTED HOMME First launched in 1997, Selected Homme now has a strong and respected foothold in men's fashion worldwide with a presence in 25 countries across the globe. Still continuing to stand at the forefront of men's fashion; Selected Homme specialises in raw and simple designs that are never obviously trend-driven, but always edgy, elegant and masculine with focus on attention to detail.

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